Project Management Services

We offer an array of project management services from project planning services to project administration of state-of-the-art project management software.

Project Planning Services

Pre-contract Developer

•Preparation of Work Breakdown structure and initial project schedule

•Develop Project Control System Deliverables

•Establishment of Project Reporting system 

•Preparation of Design/Drawings deliverable schedule 

•Monitoring/Tracking the Design/Drawings deliverable schedule 

•Monitoring/Tracking the Front-End Authority Approval process by regular follow-ups with all Stakeholders and reporting the progress

Post-contract Developer

•Review & Approval of the Project Baseline Program submitted by the Main Contractor

•Monitoring/Tracking  the Progress of works in line with approved Project Baseline Program 

•Organize progress review meetings on Periodic basis 

•Identify the actual production at the site and report the progress 

•Identification of Risk & Potential Impact 

•Submission of Weekly and Monthly progress reports 

•Review and Provide Feedback on Extension of Time(EOT) claims  submitted by Main Contractor 

Pre-contract Contractor

•Preparation of Tender Program

•Preparation of Tender Program Schedule Narrative

•High Level Resource Generation

•Preparation of Preliminary Cash Flow 

•Identification of Risk and potential impact at the Tender Stage

Post-contract Contractor

•Preparation of Master Project Baseline Program

•Liaised with sub-contractors & suppliers on their programs in line with approved Master Baseline Program and follow-up on the progress

•Preparation of Target Program (For Internal Monitoring) 

•Preparation of Look Ahead Schedule 

•Preparation of Project Control Deliverables as per Contract Agreement 

•Preparation of Project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

•Keep Track on Critical and near Critical Path Activities 

•Establish Early Warning System

•Submission of Weekly and Monthly progress reports 

•Provide feedback on Contractual Correspondence preparation 

•Preparation of Extension of Time(EOT) claims

•Establishment of Project Reporting system 

Specialized Project Management Solutions

MCR Solutions are in partnership with an award winning Project Management Software for construction projects.

This partnership positions us to take our clients through the digital management transformation to ensure project deliverables are delivered with the latest technology.

Through our experienced engineers we are able to assist with the successful closeout of projects.

Either through the implementation of the OmTrak software or by having our engineers onsite managing the closeout process, we help ensure that all the required documentation is successfully completed upon handover to the Client.