Commercial Services

We offer a full range of quantity surveying, contract administration, and claims services.

Full Quantity Surveying Services

· Full Bill of Quantity preparation for bank finance or internal verification

· Early stage/concept elemental cost breakdown reports

· Preparation of monthly interim/final account valuations/ payment certificates and accompanying documentation

· Any other on or off-site quantity surveying tasks required to be carried out

Contract Administration

We are able to offer a full contract administration package which will ensure that your company is safeguarded commercially. Other elements of the services offered:

· Full contractual project support

·Contractual correspondence review and response drafting

·Contract guidelines for your site team to follow

· Establishment of a project risk strategy

Claims and Variations

MCR Solutions has an experienced team ready to assist in all aspects of claims and variations support. We understand the importance of identifying project variations and have the ability to put together strong submissions. Other aspects of the services we offer:

· Identification of new variations and additional cost claims

· Variation review and preparation

· Extension of Time claims preparation, management and advice

· Claims prevention strategies

· Claim analysis procedures

Project Cost Control

MCR Solutions has the expertise to review and advise on the status of a company’s project in addition to assisting in implementing key cost control measures to be followed by the site team. Below are some of the services we offer: 

· Detailed final forecast cost and final forecast revenue preparations

· Budget management and control implementation

· Production of bank ready reports for project and financing updates

· Production of cash flows, financial reports and financial forecasts

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

MCR Solutions has a vast amount of experience when it comes to all types of contracts used in the construction industry. Below is a sample of the services we offer:

·Contract reviews identifying key risks

·Contract negotiation 

·Various forms of contract drafting from Employer level down to supply agreements

·Joint Venture contract drafting

·Custom-made MOU drafting for numerous scenarios

Tendering and Procurement

From assistance in executing a tender submission including follow up meetings with potential clients to the management of general site procurement, MCR Solutions are ready to provide our services:

· Tender package submission preparation

· Assistance in technical submissions

· Assistance in commercial submissions 

· Establishment of procurement procedures

· Assistance in procurement management and execution

· Procurement negotiation assistance